Breaking Independent Music on a Global Scale

PREACH is a new kind of music partner. We are committed to empowering artists to break through on a global scale.We provide the funding, support, and platform you need to maintain your creative control, navigate the music industry, Say goodbye to bad deals, say hello to creative freedom and global success.


The Big Distributors Don't Help.
We Do.
The Major Labels Make You Sell Your Soul.
We Don't.
PREACH Records.
The Globally Lean Label for the Future.

The Team

Meet the executive team, across our two offices in LA and Hamburg.

Stable Fewture

Stable Fewture was created to level the funding playing field for independent artists. We provide funding to artists without the artist giving up any ownership. Receive funding today.


We aren't just a run-of-the-mill record label. We invest back into new innovations for the music industry. Past investments include UNWRTN. (the world's first virtual music manager, backed by AI), QR You (contact sharing app), Stable Fewture & more.


An education platform built for the music industry. We've crafted a video course, a project management hub and offer 6-week courses live and online to learn the in's and out's of the music industry from some of the biggest names/companies.


Influencer-focused events that place recording artists live in front of major global influencers. The influencers get exclusive content and access. The artists get massive marketing reach at no cost. Past events have included Cordae, Tom Walker, Social House & more

Loi x PREACH Sessions

Tom Walker x PREACH Sessions
@ Joop Villa

Social House x PREACH Sessions

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